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UXI design takes a human-centered, digital devices’ based and design-driven approach to help our clients satisfy their users, or even surprise them. That’s what UXI is, a design company cares about how to create better user experiences and user interface.
張群儀 Ian Jang
Founder and User Experience Design Consultant
Passionate about Jazz playing in the morning. From design, interface, service to technology management, I like to apply innovative thinking to various domains. Good at rational analysis entwines the sensibility of the designer, I’m an entrepreneur to life observation. Having smiles like Zhāng Shì Háo from movie called “Blue Gate Crossing”, feeling horror movies and jokes are something “What!” in life.
專長 / Expertise
Interface Design, Information Architecture, Usability Evaluation, Service Design, Project Management
經歷 / Experience
User Interface Consultant, Institute for Information Industry
Adjunct Assistant Professor, National Taipei University of Technology, National Chiao Tung University and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Interface Designer, Product manager and Usability Design Manager of Multinational Computer Manufacturer
學歷 / Education
PhD. Candidate, Institute of Innovation Management of National Chengchi University
Master of Science in Computational Design, Carnegie Mellon University
柳俊賢 Sean Liu
Design Director
With the experience in leading O2O mobile payment design team in Alibaba Group in China, Sean has involved in User experience and User interface industry for more than 10 years. Passionate at observation, validation and interaction behavior. By observing users’ behavior pattern, designers are able to explore the hidden opportunities of the product.
專長 / Expertise
Interaction Design, User Interface Design, Service Design, Branding Identity, Indicator Guidance
經歷 / Experience
TaoBao Movie (Alibaba Picture Group Limited) / Sr. Interaction Expert
Alipay Product Team O2O (Ant Financial) / Interaction Expert
Uxi Design / Design manger
Htc / GUI Designer
Transcend Information, Inc. / GUI Designer
Anthonys Group / Design Supervisor
學歷 / Education
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Master degree in Commercial Design
Yunlin University of Science and Technology / Bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design
Tamsui Institute of Business Administration / Associate degree in Business Administration
黃乙安 Ion Huang
Senior Visual Designer
Plays a role like activities coordinator in UXI, passionate about life. Have been to University di Bologna as an exchange student in industrial design, also, have joined the event of community art which hold by Ministry of Culture. Good at breaking the ice between people by performing lisp. Believe in designing for life, for earth and environment, is the most real and pure design.
專長 / Expertise
Graphic Design, Illustration, User Experience, Interface Design, prototype building
學歷 / Education
B.A., Dept. of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University
張家誠 Jason Chang
UX Designer
I care about news and the little events that happen in daily life. Especially, I’m fond of the connections in various scenarios, and try to find the context behind the scene. To challenge the existed prospects, or to mix possibilities and imaginations together. With switching between rational and emotional thinking, from qualitative to quantitative research, push one step forward to dig, discover and extend possibilities.
專長 / Expertise
Service Design, Product Design, Design and Future Research
學歷 / Education
M.A., Industrial, Transportation Design, Braunschweig University of Art
M.A., College of Design and Arts, Da-Yeh University
B.S., Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology
江宇震 Yu Chen Chiang
UX/SD Researcher
There is no perfect design, only the best “fit” design. Good at design thinking, user- centered thinking, as well as considering stakeholders’ points of view and related environment to design service experience and interface. Because of the educational background, I’m familiar with applying empathy to discover users’ needs and communicate those insights with clients efficiently. Also, my industrial design background helps me to hypostatize design concepts into tools or prototypes easily.
專長 / Expertise
User Experience Research, User Interface Design, Service Design, Industrial Design
學歷 / Education
M.A, Dep. of Industrial Design, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology B.S., Dep. of Mathematics & Information Education, National Taipei University of Education
Program of Elementary Education, National Taipei University of Education
陳仕凱 Liben Chen
UI Designer
With the background in Animation Design, Liben skills in developing the stories and illustration, express the thinking and feeling through illustration. Liben puts emphasize on Human-Centered-Design thinking in his works, believes only if the designer knows the real needs of the users then there’s a good communication experience between users and the product. Interested in daily-life observation, stimulate his imagination and thinking, Liben puts the insights and findings into his creative works.
專長 / Expertise
Illustration, Interaction Design
學歷 / Education
Huafan University / Bachelor degree in Fine Art
張幸儒  Shin Chang
Visual Designer
I’m industrial design background designer with a sensitive soul, there are various plays going in the theater of my mind. I tried to capture those imaginations and bring them into real life. I
like to observe how people connected through the different point of view, and I’m more convinced by “design experience is an essential communication bridge between products and people”. All the things that are beautiful in life are what I pursue, hope I can transfer observations and the beauties in life into the design.
專長 / Expertise
Industrial Design, Visual Design, Brand recognition, User Interface Design, Illustration
學歷 / Education
B.S, Dep. of Industrial Design (Product Design Group), National Taipei University of Technology
許佑誠 Yu Cheng Xu
Visual Designer
With backgrounds in advertising design and artistic creation, I insist on the aesthetics of living. I experienced cross-culture environment in university, which inspires me to explore various design approaches. I believe aesthetic and user-friendly play essential roles in the interaction between technology and people. I put my efforts into creating quality interfaces, and to make living easier.
專長 / Expertise
Visual Design, Interface Design, Graphic Design, Brand Identity
學歷 / Education
B.A., Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University
喻大維 David Yu
David engaged in Social Innovation group during his college period. Having huge interests in social innovation concept, David participated the Sociology, Anthropology, and User Experience Research courses to gain the knowledge makes him ready to involve in the industry. Also, David took part in several activities to enrich his life-experience, such as international volunteer in Philippines, workshop operating for the NGO in Uganda, stepping on the Camino de Santiago (St. James’ Way) in Spain, and climbing most of the mountains in Taiwan. David brings his experience into human behavior observation in order to find the key pain point of the product, and really enjoys the process of solving the problems.
專長 / Expertise
User Experience Research, Service Design, Social Design, Workshop operating
學歷 / Education
National Taiwan University / Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering
周育寧 Yu Ning Chou
GUI Designer
With the background in Visual Graphic Design, Yu Ning curious about everything, interests in bringing various materials into her creation, believes that design is what people experience in their life. Every story, every creation from Yu Ning is all inspired by her life. Expecting herself to enjoy the design in daily life, Yu Ning keeps going on her creative production from life experience!
專長 / Expertise
Graphic Design, illustration, Branding Identity
經歷 / Experience
學歷 / Education
Yunlin University of Science and Technology / Master degree in Visual Communication Design
National Taiwan University of Art / Bachelor degree in Visual Communication Design
陳怡安 Ann Chen
UX Designer
With the Interdisciplinary background in Commercial Design and Design Research, Ann takes more emphasize on users’ psychological experience to approach the HCD thinking rather than only focus on the visual outcome of the product. Being surrounded by diverse cultural experience, Ann put empathy in the central part of her design works in order to discover the real needs of users and explore new opportunities.
專長 / Expertise
Design Thinking, User Experience, Commercial Design
學歷 / Education
Goldsmiths, University of London / Master degree in Design and Innovation
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Bachelor degree in Commercial Design
吳新蓁 Jim Wu
Front End Developer
Being inspired by art and design environment, Jim questions himself what’s the meaning of art and emotion to the society. Through the efforts of self-learning, Jim becoming a Front-End developer who devoted himself to find the balance between rationality and sensibility. Jim pursues the way allows emotional design formed by the rational code writing, make every effort that designers done to be perfect-presented with the accurate front-end engineering.
專長 / Expertise
Graphic Design, Front-End Engineering, Photography, Oil-Painting Art
學歷 / Education
National Dong Hwa University / Bachelor degree in Art Design
林秋彤 Qiu Tong lin
Visual Interface Designer
I like painting, and visual communication is an export that I think art and society communicate with each other. It is my design goal to make art more socially inclusive and useful. I hope to help and explore the people-oriented design concept with a visually better experience. Thereby deriving a more meaningful and valuable aesthetic of life.
專長 / Expertise
Graphic design, Brand identity, Artistic creation, Photography
學歷 / Education
Ming Chi University of Technology / Department of Visual Communication Design
王韋婷 Wei Wang
Visual Interface Designer
With the background of graphics and product design, visual aesthetics and user empathy are fascinating. Like a sponge that wants to absorb all kinds of things, in addition to being good at observing everyday details, I also like the beauty of design in various fields, stimulating my analysis of life, finding links to designs, and accumulating key in creation.
專長 / Expertise
Design thinking, Industrial design, Graphic design, Animation drawing, Illustration
學歷 / Education
Ming Chi University of Technology / Department of Industrial Design
蔣欣純 Coca Chiang
Marketing Researcher
In the context of industrial design, cultivate the curiosity of the user's real needs, and regard the design thinking process as a self-practice approaching the original perception, through deconstruction and insight in daily life filled with various riddles. Around the society, it constantly stimulates thinking and becomes the nutrient that design constantly draws in life, and grows strong and strong among them.
專長 / Expertise
Industrial design, Design thinking, Service design, Photography, Text editing
學歷 / Education
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology / Master degree in Design
Chiba University, Japan / System Planning Lab Exchange Student
溫順強 SJ Wan
UX Designer
The Department of Industrial Design was born. On the way of design, in order to better understand the impact of services or products on humans and society, we searched for a wide variety of knowledge, planned the largest TEDx event in Tainan City, and participated in various digital marketing and new seminars. , passionate about the psychoanalysis of psychology, and human studies in sociology, as well as the love of strategy and experiential thinking in service and digital product design. As a strategic thinker, he also has the ability to understand and create. The goal is to contribute what he learns to promote products and create a connection between the market and human beings.
專長 / Expertise
Product design, Service design, User research
學歷 / Education
National Cheng Kung University / Bachelor degree in Industrial Design
黃楷傑 KJ Huang
User Interface Designer
With the dual background of material engineering and commercial design, design is a combination of rationality and sensibility. It is a tool for solving problems. Good design must be pleasant in both picture and operation. Each component of its content is composed. It has its meaning, and it is good at grasping the core of the problem from the rigorous process, combining the non-ideal things of the real world with their own theoretical knowledge and aesthetic literacy, effectively providing beautiful and practical solutions, using design ingenuity. Achieve the goal and maximize the benefits.
專長 / Expertise
Interface design, Visual design, Brand identity, Indicator guiding design, Photography
學歷 / Education
Chung Yuan Christian University / Master degree in Commercial Design
National Formosa University / Bachelor degree in Materials Science and Engineering
謝明權 James Hsieh
Interactive Experience Design Consultant
The book "This design is right! E-commerce website user experience design has served as the network. PM is responsible for e-commerce website merchandising planning, marketing strategy, and has also conducted education and training for multi-home appliance companies, and has decades of experience in the multimedia industry. Through design to enhance the connotation of life, use thinking to make design more valuable.
專長 / Expertise
User experience, Enterprise website design, E-Commerce website design, Data analysis, SEO, Information architecture, Usability testing
學歷 / Education
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London / Master degree in Interactive Media
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology / Advanced Diploma of Arts(Electronics Design & Interactive Media)
洪新雅 Hsinya Hung
Service Experience Researcher
Born in psychology, he combines entrepreneurial, business and design expertise. He has traveled to Finland for the design of learning services. He also has experience in Taiwanese social enterprise innovation and China's Alibaba. Enthusiastically exploring human thinking and behavior patterns, focusing more on design research to provide a better user experience. I usually love rock climbing, cultural exchanges and try new experiences.
專長 / Expertise
Service design, User research, Social design, Cross-disciplinary co-creation, Project management
學歷 / Education
National Taiwan University / Bachelor degree in Psychology
蔡雙璞 Shuang Pu Tsai
UX Designer
I have a background in industrial design and I like to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and use design thinking in different areas. I enjoy challenge different types of creation and capturing design inspirations from observing people and things around me. I always find some interesting and touching story when I go for a trip or exposure to other culture. I expect myself to keep curiosity and the passion of learning on the way become a better designer.
專長 / Expertise
Industrial Design, Experience design, Experimental Creation, User Experience
學歷 / Education
M.A., Industrial Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UK B.A., Department of Product Design, Ming Chuan University


2009 UXI Design Studio established
2010 Dechnology Award 2010 won
2011 Dechnology Award 2011 won
2011 Re-branded as UXI Design Corp. Ltd.
2012 iF Communication Design Award won
2012 Taiwan Top 50 Excellent Design House Award won