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Recruitment 2017 Highway Traffic and Parking Service Usability Tesing Participant Recruitment
Speech 2017 UXI speaks at IDEAX Trends and Innovation Forum in Taichung
Workshop 2017 Social Design Workshop hosted by Ion Huang and Ian Jang in Kaohsiung
Lecture 2017 AngelHack Taipei Training & Meetup session:Creative Confidence and Maker Spirit
Lecture 2017 Service Design Workshop Slideshare in Dept. ID, Yuntech Univ.
Lecture 2017 Digital Innovation Talk in THU: My Leaning and Doing in UX
Recruitment 2017 UXI Design Summer Intern Recruitment
Recruitment 2016 UXI Design Summer Intern Recruiting
PPT NARL biomedical human-centered-design workshop slide sharing
News User Friendly 2013 Professional Forum:Service Design
Workshop Makers-in-depth Desgin Exchange Workshop Recruiting
Slides Chang Gung Univ. workshop material sharing
News 工業局能量登錄:體驗設計與設計思考
News 遊石設計張群儀顧問獲選UXPA,China理事成員
Edu. 企劃競爭力講堂:張群儀顧問的設計思考課
News UXPA China 2014用戶體驗文集-論文徵集