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  • 1. How do we help?

    Our expertise in U/UI can help you:
    • discover and understand user behavior and motivation through design research methods
    • conduct workshop to inspire design thinking, and create innovative product and service experience together with your team members
    • design experience and interface for web or app to meet user expectations
    • provide tailored UX/UI education lesson or training for different industries
    Feel free to let us know your requirements, our team will help you find the best solution.
  • 2. How do we conduct a project?

    Before officially starting a project, UXI would clarify requirements and goals for the project to determine the best way to proceed. Here are two different processes, agile and waterfall, that we usually adopt in the project development:







    Quick Iteration in Sprint Cycle (2 to 4 weeks)
    Deliver Outputs based on Each Stage
    More Flexible and Easy to Adapt Market Changes
    More Structured and Easy to Control Schedule
    Development Mode
    Design While Developing
    Design before Developing
    Quality Control
    Through Design Iteration
    Through Check Point
    May Modify Frequently During Iteration
    Lack Flexibility to Modify
    Project Type
    For unclear or uncertain projects. Agile process can help to set up design specifications.
    For project with clear specification. Also apply at early stage of agile project.
    Time & Material Based
    Project Based
  • 3. How to make project go well?

    UXI Design is familiar with agile and waterfall model, we can adjust human resource and operating mode to accommodate different companies or projects. When a project start, we require background note, target audience and expected function to have preliminary understanding of the project. If necessary, we also require interviews with internal stakeholders or related clients to see the big picture.
  • 4. How long does each UX/UI project normally take?

    It depends on the size of the project. Take a typical mid-sized project for example, it requires 4 to 6 weeks for research, including interview and interpretation. If the concept design workshop, user assessment or testing is needed, it requires additional 3 to 5 weeks until UI design guideline is finished. It usually takes 8 to 10 weeks to finish later UX/UI design, and it also takes about 8 to 10 weeks for front-end development and integration. If there is a large-scale project which includes integration of research and development, it possibly takes over one year.
  • 5. How's the price of a UX/UI project like?

    There is no fixed price for UX/UI designs of UXI Design. Prices vary from project to project, depending on the nature or scale of the project. A good design focus on idea and details, so we don't price by volume. The price should depend on required time and content, for example, the website with clear and complete framework takes less time to design than the one at early stage. Therefore, the price will be quoted after received basic project needs. Please feel free to contact us for more price information. Generally, agile project suits time-based pricing better, and waterfall project suits project-based pricing better.
  • 6. Could UXI provide with a spec work before I decide whether to engage your service?

    Each and every project of UXI Design is unique to meet the client's needs. We not only listen to client's needs, but discover potential pain point behind the needs. Due to the engaged time and manpower, there will be charge for spec work.
  • 7. After the project ends, what shall we do with subsequent upgrades and updates?

    After deliver the designs, we provide follow-up design support within a certain range. Generally, you can buy certain work hours for follow-up service. Our fees will be computed based actual work hours until running out and payment is to be settled monthly. In this way, you may not worry about design maintenance.

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